Tuesday, January 17, 2006

no talc, no lube.. all sweat

So I finally got around to taking a few pictures of myself with the help of my gf. She didn't only handle the camera, but she also bought me the mask! =P

Yesterday was actually my last day of staying in NJ for a while, so I figured I'd take advantage of the tail-end of my vacation and get all dressed up. Unfortunately while here I only brought my catsuit, briefs, harness, and dildo, so we just took pictures of that.
When I was prepping for the 'photoshoot' I noticed that I had forgotten my lube/conditioner and talc. So I ended up just putting on the suit without any chemical help, which wasn't all that difficult because I have lost some weight in the past couple months. Although, if I hadn't lost the weight it probably would have been nearly impossible, if not extremely uncomfortable. Cause when I'd wear the suit before it was literally like it was painted on, but it was really nice to have it fit a little looser, even though I love stuff that's tight.

It's kind of surprising looking at the photos now seeing how much thinner I am, even though in this picture I still look like I have some man-boobs stashed under the rubber.
I actually like the feeling and aesthetic quite a bit more being slightly skinnier, also I think it'll help along my feminine look when I start taking pics in my fem form.
I still want to lose some more weight for personal along with recreational reasons.. and actually having lost about 25 pounds I've come to realize that the state of being hungry isn't all that bad.. compared to a nic-fit at least. =P

Also, this was the first time I had really worn the eyeless, mouthless mask. At first I was a little scared that I would get claustrophobic, but I felt quite at home in the warm rubber. I also thought that I'd have a really hard time adjusting to being blind, but it was not as disorienting as I had originally thought.

I think the fact that the mask is made of especially thin latex also made it seem a little less confining. It's actually kind of a strange contrast, because the mask is very thin while the catsuit is quite thick. If you actually look closely you can tell just by the way the rubber folds at my joints.

The mask was custom-made from simon-O. My gf and I decided to order from there because I had gotten her some baby-blue panties about a year ago and the price, service, and quality was fantastic. So I figured I'd like to have something from there too and fortunately she bought it for me!
The catsuit is from polymorph, but I was able to try it on cause I bought it from Purple Passion in NYC. I think that with garments that are particularly expensive and call for a very specific fit it's worth the time and effort to actually go out, try on, and figure out what you want before going into the purchase.
I'm actually wearing more in the photo, but I'm planning on saving those pictures for some later posts.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the mask, although as you can see in this picture, there is this strange little extra fold above the nose. I'm not certain whether this is here for some functional purpose or my face is just oddly shaped.
With masks I generally have trouble breathing out of the nose because I think that my face is actually flatter than normal, so it just creates this weird abnormality with the way they fit, but I can breathe out of this one (thank goodness) so I'm really happy about that.

Looking at the picture now it's surprising how tightly the latex is pulled against my skin, especially my neck. Generally I hate wearing turtle-neck sweaters cause it always feels like it's too tight, but while wearing the mask I didn't notice any discomfort at all. It almost makes me want to get a catsuit from simon-O just to see if they could make a suit that hugs every curve of my body effortlessly.. But, money is tight and I've got other plans in mind with my limited cash-flow.

The actual experience of taking the pictures was much less awkward than I had thought it would be. I mean, I'm not going to deny that it was a little weird to have my gf walk in with me dressed all in rubber and hand her a camera and say, "take pictures, but once I put the mask on you obviously can't ask me any questions, so just try to figure out what you think looks good and do it." Then after that initial awkwardness she continually asked me questions while I was masked, at to which I could only reply with single muffled words reverberating through the rubber and momentarily blocking off my breathing passage.
After a few minutes I think that she got more comfortable with the idea and started taking charge and I was happy to pose. She actually took some really interesting photos that I plan on putting up later, but my main concern at the time was that I'd just look like some crusty gimp weirdo.. Now having looked at the pictures; yes, I kind of look like a gimp, but I like them none the less! hehe. Many of the photos actually came out a lot less forced looking than I had originally thought they would.

It was also kind of interesting taking that secondary step of putting my pictures up online (cause I put some pictures up on my rubberpal account). I have spent so much time silently spectating, then about a month ago I started to actually engage in conversations within the online community, now I feel like it's been another big step in essentially saying, 'here I am for everyone to see.' It feels like I've taken an important personal step forward with my comfort and confidence with myself and my fetish. It's actually quite liberating, not to mention exciting knowing that there are pictures of me wearing latex up online.

The whole experience got me thinking a little about the possibility if this site becomes at all popular and if I gain any sort of normal visitors. If that were to happen then it would basically be like I'm on the other-side of the screen. Through the past I spent so much time looking through people's sites and admiring what they did so much, but never spoke up. I think it would be great if someone like me ended up stumbling across my site and feeling the same way, but at the same time I don't think I'm worth being admired. That's not to suggest I have no self-worth, but more that I'm just a normal person as I think the majority of the latex-fetish community is.

In closing, cause I have to sleep at some point!
Taking the pictures was a lot of fun and at the end I was so riled up that I ended up taking the camera out of my gf's hands so I could have my way with her. =P

But I intend on making this a habit (taking pictures). Also I'm really excited about getting dressed up in my female form and taking a few shots! although, I don't know when that will be.. probably not too soon. =(


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