Sunday, September 24, 2006

well, it's complete.

OK, well. Last night I was dressing and just thinking. Hmm, there's this 1 last thing of Catch 22's that doesn't fit. I had tried it on before but could NEVER ever get in it. I thought it was just a lost cause and I was considering selling it, but for some reason I was feeling hopeful that I'd be able to wiggle into it.
And, I did. I was pretty excited, even though it's a real struggle getting into, cause it's really small. But I'm really happy about it cause it's been my favorite catsuit for a while.. mainly cause it's made by Libidex and also that I got it for about 30% of it's original price.

It also has booties/feet! Which I really like. I rarely have TOTAL enclosure, but this suit will make that a bit easier. =P
But yeah, these pictures are just of just me; ie. No padding, no inflation, etc. I think if I dress it up right it'll look good in fem-form.
However, I have been dancing a lot lately, so my muscle mass is building back up. May not be conducive to looking feminine. Except for the fact that dancing makes my butt and thighs huge.

Ugghhhh, I need a new mask now! gyah.
Given my calculations, in about 2 months my ads will have paid off enough for me to afford getting a cheap greyland one.


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