Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thanks for the advice Closet. It's been fairly close to my own outlook on the situation, but it's just nice to hear it from someone else. lol.

Well, things have been a little slow with me lately and it seems as though it's been the same way on the net!
It appears as though nothing new has cropped up! or at least nothing I know about. I think I've had my fill of dressing, it's too bad that there's nothing good for watching though!

if anybody has any interesting links or anything, feel free to drop a few here!!!


Anonymous ClosetMonster said...

Yeah, I was just thinking that myself. It has been very slow lately. I've got some new material for my site, but haven't had the time to put an update together. I was hoping for one in time for Halloween but.... :(

There's been some new masking commercials and video clips found, that have been posted at my Yahoo group. "Female Disguise Media" There's a link to it on my links page. Make sure you have your age shown on your Yahoo ID, if you join up, or you won't get approved for membership. ;)

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