Sunday, October 01, 2006

Real life!

Ugh, I've been bogged down with Real life lately. So I haven't had much time for masking or latex. However, I haven't been thinking about it all that much..

Lately I've been predominantly busy informally teaching dance 4 days a week. Although, next week I'm formally teaching four classes, so I've been making choreography etc. in preparation. I've also been looking for a real job lately.

In my personal life; I've suddenly had a few desirable female options open to me (s'what happens when you teach dance), however I'm only interested in these girls in a physical sense. And honestly, I don't feel like even putting in the effort of allowing it to happen largely because I've recently met a girl of whom I am supremely interested in. However, I'm not totally sure why.. I think the biggest part is that she's unlike any other girl I've been involved with before (and that's a good thing considering my track record of being consistently cheated on and lied to). She's also going to be hard to get.. and regardless of how much I hate the chase, I'm drawn to it.

So, lots of my time lately has been spent scrutinizing over making a proper game-plan as to how I'm going to approach it.. I should have some sort of update on it by next week and a final answer within a few weeks.

but yeah, I'm really annoyed about my doll-suit busting and grey-catsuit ripping in 2 places! and as Closet said, ESPECIALLY NOW!
Very frustrating.

that is all.

The next post I'll try to drop some pix. I think I've got some stored away on my computer that I haven't yet let out here.


Anonymous ClosetMonster said...

Sounds like you're having a good time. Options are a nice luxury to have. ;)

2:32 PM


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