Wednesday, November 08, 2006

still nothin'

Well, still nothing amazing to report aside from the fact that I'm fairly sore from having dance classes begin again. On top of that, there have been and are a few dance performances that I am participating in, most of which I am not too excited about. So yeah, it gets time consuming.

In my vast boredom with the internet as of late, I watched 'Die Puppensammlerin.' Or rather, I skimmed most of it.
I was fairly unimpressed by it, although I don't entirely know why. Of the very few latex-videos I've seen I've noticed that many of them are the same in that; 1) they're usually in German, lol 2) they are unbelievably slow paced 3) during any sort of sex/domination/medical/etc. scenes everybody just looks bored, which in turn makes me feel bored.

ugh ugh ugh! nothing interesting! I can't tell if my standards have gone up or in recent years the scene has just become exceedingly slow and/or underground. I have a guess that many free latex/masking websites have slowed with updates due to the growing popularity of the yahoo groups. I have been a member of these sites for some time now, however haven't checked them in ages. The main reason for this is because if I log onto my account that nobody knows about, that means I'm going to sift through all the junk mail in it.. I don't even want to think about how full that in-box is!

Anyway, until the next episode.


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