Friday, March 23, 2007


Well, my brother is here visiting, which means it's a real family affair at my house... of which I hate. Just because 1) I'm not too close, even with my immediate family and 2) I hate having my privacy invaded!

Once all this is out of the way, I should be back to dressing.. However, now that I'm back I'm noticing that I don't have that much to wear anymore... and--- my mask is still broken. Previously I tried to hide that it was messed up, but now I'm just tired of it!
So I'm going to try to fix it, hopefully this month. glek glek, I'm so bad at making and repairing things.

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Blogger ClosetMonster said...

Looks like you got back from Japan just a little before I did. I hope your time there wasn't soured by the dating meltdown in your earlier posts.

Welcome back home! The new hoots are looking good! :)

5:27 PM


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