Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So I've started chatting with more and more people online through these latex communities and I constantly feel as though there's some code of conduct of which I am entirely missing out on. It could be due to the fact that I haven't actually spent any time in chat rooms since middle-school, but I think there's more to it than that.

Aside from feeling slightly alienated I have run across a few kinds of interactions. The first, most infrequent, and most desirable type is when someone starts talking to me in a casual manner. We discuss topics as though we had just met in person and then over time we begin to discuss latex and fetish. When we finally hit the fetish bound end of conversation, we both treat it in a more intellectual and less sexual way.
I always find it fascinating seeing how people relate to latex and incorporate it into their lives, but I think that there is a definite comfort line that is easily crossed with me.. which brings me to my next example.

The other type of interaction that I've found to be more typical, but still pretty infrequent, is the super sexualized, impatient, and all-around awkward conversation. I haven't yet gotten anyone saying, "hey, lets cyber," but there have been a few that aren't that far off.
People are generally put-off by the fact that I don't say that I am currently dressed in rubber. They also tend to take offense to the fact that I take more than a handful of seconds to reply to their messages. I dunno, I can't imagine someone who would really like to be spoken to in the way that many of the people do in the chat-rooms. That's not to say that the bulk of the conversations are filled with these types of back-and-forth's, but rather when someone private messages you out of the blue.. I've found it as an immediate warning sign saying, 'here comes some uncomfortable shit.'

Hopefully in the future I'll make some more contacts that are more on the same plane as me.
Although, I don't think that these uncomfortable conversations are due to the fact that I'm in a fetish-related forum, but I think these things just come with the territory of online chat rooms.
Also, it probably doesn't help that my profile name along with my personality is extremely feminine.. and most of these awkward conversations are put into motion by guys.. so I guess I'm basically asking for it.

I should just try to focus on the part of me that's flattered and not the part that's feeling invaded.


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