Wednesday, January 18, 2006

familiar fragrance

Today I was unpacking the gear I had brought back from NJ and a strange feeling came over me.

As I opened the crate the smell of talc and latex suddenly filled the air. I dug through the top layer of cotton and denim making my way to the hidden, shining core. Pushing the vanilla fabrics to the side I scooped my open hand into the dark and silky material. I carefully placed each item on my love seat and as the pile grew so did a strange arousal.

I took in the view; a small mountain of catsuits, briefs, masks, dildos, harnesses, vibrators, stockings, women's clothes, and a corset. I knew I had originally started this excavation with the intention of re-integrating my smaller collection back into it's larger whole, however at this moment I didn't feel like putting it away, I felt like putting it on. My mind re-asserted itself into auto-pilot mode and I started to meticulously inspect and store each item. Every time I felt the smooth glide of rubber between my fingers or tugged slightly around a collar and felt the gentle give only latex has, a familiar, but perpetually strange feeling came over me.

I've gotten this feeling ever since my early teens. I used to get it when I saw glistening covered bodies on television and in movies or when I had the house all to myself with an internet capable computer readily available.
It's a strange, kind of lonely, but connected feeling. I have only really experienced it in it's fullness while alone with some inanimate object. The feeling is unique in it's basis and almost like excitement that is holding itself back to such a degree that I can almost taste the tension. It's like the calm before the storm where the air is almost electric and one's emotions are mixed, but intense. Instead of one's feelings being stirred from fear, mine are from intense arousal.
The feeling is almost like a sweet intoxication that unearths a part of my personality that is otherwise dormant. It's like an distinct personality shift where anything and everything is exciting and relevant.
The feeling is intensified through it's taboo nature which makes it even more unique and my own. I'd imagine that most people experience something like this.. but these people are typically afraid that someone may stumble across them jerking off to a girly magazine or revealing picture, while I'm afraid that someone may accidentally come across me wriggling around in skin-tight rubber trapped in a extended orgasmic state.

During moments like these I feel especially close with my fetish and am reminded why I've spent almost every extra penny I have on it.


Blogger Ncap said...

Hi very interesting read, you describe the allure of latex so well, as only a true fetishist can...keep it up I will be a regular visitor. I look forward to seeing your c/d transformation ..thats somthing Ive becoem more interested in myself. Im a str8 male rubberist of 20 year or more.

10:02 AM

Anonymous pheromone oil said...

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