Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nu Kat-Soot

Okay, so now I have some free time (because I’m spending the day procrastinating, when I should be getting things done now that I’m back home… but I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation, lol).

Yesterday I excitedly woke up with parcel ticket in-hand and made my way to the post office. I retrieved the catsuit and returned home. As I dropped the package on my bed I kept telling myself, “I’ll wait until later to open it,” but as I found myself with a few minutes of free time and an empty house I decided to try it on.

I didn’t put on my girlsuit or anything because I just wanted to get a quick feel for the fit. As I put it on I first noticed that the latex itself was a lot thinner than I originally imagined it to be. I also saw that it was of lower quality than I was hoping.

I zipped it up and looked at myself in the mirror, the suit felt especially loose which I attribute partially to my losing weight, but also the fact that I had given the maker fairly large specifications (I measured myself with the inflated girlsuit on).

Anyway, I was hoping that everything would fit better once I had the girlsuit on underneath. I then went out to spend some time with friends and catch up on what they’ve been doing.

After spending an evening sweating it out in the absurd humidity I separated myself from my friends early so I could get home and rubber-up.

As I talked about before, it was fairly difficult getting into all the garments on by myself and the broken A/C combined with the heat/humidity only made it more uncomfortable. I spent about an hour and a half getting all my gear on and by the end I was totally exhausted.

As I was taking the pictures I could feel the sweat sloshing around in the ‘feet’ of my girlsuit, there was also sweat pouring out of the wrists of the catsuit which ended up getting everywhere, especially my camera.

I had some difficulty figuring out camera angles and operating the self-timer all the while feeling like I was going to black out from heat-exhaustion. Although, once I got the hang of it I started feeling a bit more free in front of the camera. I had some difficulty getting good angles/lighting/etc, but I started honing in on some feminine positions of which I became acquainted with while in Japan.

I noticed that whenever taking a picture with a girl in Japan they almost always got into some funky position and held out a peace sign with their palms forward. I thought it was cute when I saw it… =P

After 20 or so minutes I started to really feel the effects of the heat and needed to just plop down on my couch. As I did I noticed the sound of my heartbeat ringing through my ears. I laid back for a few minutes trying to cool down, but it seemed like the multiple layers of latex was retaining my body heat.

I figured I would try to take a few more pictures and began shifting my legs to get up. As I did I noticed that something strange had happened in my crotch. Between all the sweat and inflation it seemed as though my penis had become lodged between o

ne of my thighs and the soft interior of my girlsuit. I began to squirm as I further vacuum-locked my member in its enclosure. In the midst of all the heat, sweat, and exhaustion I started gyrating. I was somewhat surprised at how pleasurabl

e it felt. I thought I’d stop shifting around and go take more pictures because it’s no fun to hit the climax before the end of the show! However, with a few more gyrations I got up to take more pictures and ended up cumming before I entirely got to my feet.

I decided that I might as well try to take a few more shots, but I felt like having a cigarette. So I went out on my front-porch, cigarette in lips and lighter in hand.

But as I got outside I noticed that there were a few people walking around and cars driving by. I stood outside in fright hoping nobody was looking over. I stayed o

ut for about a minute and then escaped back into my house.

I went into my back yard and smoked a cigarette.

Afterwards I took everything off, cleaned it, and stowed it.

In the end I felt OK about my new catsuit, but I wasn’t that ecstatic about it. I was just hoping that it would be a bit tighter and thicker, but I think it does the job. I mean, it’s certainly more comfortable than my polymorph men’s catsuit, but I don’t really know if it looks as nice. I also couldn’t entirely parcel out whether the pictures didn’t come out as well because I didn’t have someone actually taking them, since I was just laying the camera around on desks and hitting the self-timer.

Anyway, to give tribute to the items I was wearing. The catsuit is from “Nimues Latex Fashions.” (http://www.nimueslatex.com/).

The medical masks that I am wearing are from Betta La Bamba, the link is on the right in the links section. I actually Really liked the medical masks and the their quality is extremely high. They’re well made, they even smell good, just very good overall! SO I urge you to go visit her ebay-store… now!

She’s also really nice and a fellow New Jersey-ite, so that’s even more reason to check her out. =P

As a final final note.

As I said at the beginning of this entry, I spent the day procrastinating. I actually made some discoveries, rubbered up again, and took more pictures. The pictures I took earlier today I really like and I had a lot of fun taking them. Today’s rubber experience was just fantastic, which is partially why I was kinda removed in writing about what happened last night.

Until next time!

To Kerry (sorry for the mix up) =P
Ya, the medical-mask theme wasn't entirely planned out before-hand. The central reason why I was wearing it was to initially cover my face (when I wasn't masked), then when I was masked I just left it on.


Anonymous masking_jo said...

it only gets better you need a playmate to doll up withXX

2:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see new photos, the new suit looks really fine. I think the medical mask is a bit odd, maybe if you were dressed as a nurse or something, but that's just MY opinion! Keep up the great work


12:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! I think your just being humble in criticizing your photo taking skills, I think they look artistic and hot. So what are your feelings on sweat? I think a good deal of it actually adds to the experience.


3:49 AM


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