Sunday, January 22, 2006

Underworld: Prostitution

So I was persuaded to go see Underworld: Evolution by one of my friends. I had seen the original and didn't think much of it, but at least enjoyed the lead character's costume. Having seen the previews for the sequel I at least knew there would be that same characteristic of the movie that I would enjoy. So it wasn't especially difficult to get to me out of my house to go and watch.

Within the first ten minutes I noticed that something didn't seem right about Kate Beckinsale. It wasn't the acting, because I know that she tends to give sub-par performances (at least in the films I have seen her in). It wasn't her role in the film, because for the most part it is the same one that she played in the last. It was something about her catsuit that didn't seem right. The material just didn't glisten or fall quite right.
During some of the close-ups I noticed that the seams they were stitched opposed to glued. I also noticed that there were some odd cuts in the fabric, like an inseam in the center of the back, and the material didn't fold like latex. For a while I figured that they must've blown a lot of money and ended up getting her some super-deluxe custom catsuit made of a type of rubber that I had never seen before.

Then there was a sex scene where at the beginning she removes her corset and is then helped out of her outfit. At that point it became abundantly clear that it was actually made of lycra.
Immediately I felt my interest in the movie sharply decline, because it was one of the few aspects of the first film that really made it at all watchable. Since this movie had a much worse plot, I didn't have much hope for it.

As the film dragged on I tried to pay attention to the redundant dialogue and repetitive plot devices, but really began to lose interest. Then about twenty or so minutes before the end of the movie something suddenly changed. Something felt better about the movie, but I didn't immediately pick up on what it was. In the scene where I first noticed this change was one where Kate had just fallen into a pit water. When she emerged her outfit looked different, but I figured that they wouldn't have had her wear a lycra catsuit the whole movie just to replace it with a rubber one when she got wet.

(a couple scenes from the movies)

on the top is lycra

on the bottom is latex

Well, from that scene through the rest of the movie Kate's outfit is latex. I found it really odd that they changed it through the movie. I wonder if it was for some practical purpose or whether it was personal comfort.. Also, I know for the sex scene, latex would have been a bit awkward in taking off.. cause rubber doesn't usually go from clinging curves to smoothly sliding off skin. Either way, I didn't think it was all that great.

If I could go back in time and do it again, I'd probably pass on the movie and watch it when it comes out on video. So at least then I wouldn't have spent that much money and run the possibility of there being some extra features that may explain why the costume change occurred.

Anyway, this entry got cut a little short partially due to the fact that I got a few phone calls and partly because I was torn away from the computer by my gf for some activities which involved the new mask she got me from Simon-O.. (unfortunately there are no pictures) =P

And some final notes.
Generally I specifically get permission with any pictures I intend on using, but with something this large and this public, I don't think that it'll be an issue. If it is or someone knows that it will be, then please let me know..
Also, I used 'prostitution' opposed to evolution in the title, because I think that the series sold out, cause it was clear that the sequel was only made to have a movie that the producers were safe in knowing that people would see, not because it was good or someone had some great story to tell.


Blogger Rubbery Goodness said...

Well I am totally disappointed now. I can understand the reasons for not wanting to film in latex 14 hours out of everyday (though I would personally enjoy it myself) but it does fall apart for those of us that can spot the lacking of familiar properties that latex has over other materials such as lycra or pvc.

So I would have to say that I will probably see the film after it is released on DVD...and maybe wait till it hits the bargain bin at Wal-Mart. HaHa!


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