Thursday, February 16, 2006

Something New

For Valentines Day my gf surprised me with a pair of latex briefs, which actually was quite a surprise cause thoughout the past she hasn’t bought me any latex without first asking me about what I wanted or my size, etc. Upon giving them to me I immediately talc-ed them down and got them ready for trying on. While looking at them I was afraid that they’d be too loose, but upon trying them on they were really tight (just the way I like it). So I was pleased with them. She asked if I wanted to return them it would be fine, so I of course asked how much they cost..
cause obviously if I had bought her something that was like 10 dollars and she wanted to return it, there almost wouldn’t be any point. I’d probably prefer the 10 dollar loss in exchange for the time I’d save not going back to return it. So if anyone ever talks about returns, it generally indicates a high price.

After some prying I found out they were considerably more expensive than I had originally thought… but I’m still keeping ‘em because I like ‘em. After putting them on I put some normal pants over them and was going to go smoke a cigarette outside, but decided not to. I laid on the bed and started thinking about latex and purchases, etc.

My gf (I really have to talk to her about getting an alias, because I hate saying ‘my gf’) shook me out of my trance and asked me what I was thinking about. I couldn’t exactly pin-point the feeling I was having, but I knew it was latex related. So I started a conversation about rubber in general, I started dissecting and categorizing my purchases by gender, functionality, frequency used, etc. I realized that the briefs didn’t fit into any of my previous groups; the briefs would be more of a ‘something to wear under normal clothes’ kind of thing. I liked the idea, but something was still eating at me so I continued the conversation. We went through our purchases in 2005 and tried to tally up how much was spent and what was gained. I basically came to the conclusion that I wanted to order something else soon, but I had no idea what.

This was strange because I normally get fixated on an item and go into “I want that!” mode and that is what ultimately drives my purchase of the desired item. The problem is that I’m in, “I want something” mode, which is a totally foreign feeling. I’m still struggling with it a bit, I just know I want to get something..
I actually made a list of garments and accessories earlier today that I want that are somewhat fetish related, but none of them are really clicking with me.. I need something in my head to go “BING” for me to actually go ahead and buy it.
I kind of like the idea of getting a custom made woman’s-cut catsuit, but I am not 400 dollars interested, I really am interested in getting a mask from gumena, but again money! I’d also like to get a long latex dress, but money/interest…

Anyway, I’ll try to figure something out, I just got put into a weird state.. it also didn’t help that I was wearing rubber briefs the whole time.. Honestly I think that it played a key role in motivating that train of thought, but now the ball is rolling and I don’t know what piece of elastic goodness it will end at.
Hopefully something fun that I can post pictures of when I get it.

P.S. - I liked getting the comments on my last entry, so keep 'em coming!
that is, if you want to.


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