Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spontaneity and rubber

For the past couple years there has been this recurring problem. It's not so much a problem as much as it is an annoyance or mood killer.

When it comes down to fooling around sexually, how does one easily incorporate latex?
I mean, most guys complain about having there be a brief hiatus in love-making in order to put on a condom. They're peeved over a couple seconds, one minute tops.
How about an entire catsuit along with a number of other garments? I've taken up to 20 or so minutes..

Now, we could always grit our teeth and just figure, "Ok when we feel like it, then we'll do it and just get back in the mood once all our gear is on." Although my gf has said to me a number of times that she wants us to be more spontaneous, and waiting around for 20+ minutes is hardly being caught up in the throws of passion. I myself have felt this similar impulse towards spontaneity in the bedroom, but I also have a taste for fetish. So my problem is really how to bring both sides together.

Throughout the past we have either:
Gotten in the mood, then at some mid-point decided to use latex where we of course have to wait a while to get it all together and put on. The obvious drawback of this is the fact that there's this extended awkward pause which essentially kills the mood.. So there tends to be this kind of alienated moment when we have to re-kindle the passion to get back into the mood.

On a couple occasions I have put things on and then surprised her with it. For the most part this has been an acceptable solution, however there are times when she's just not in the mood. Also, on most days I don't have the opportunity to wait around to surprise her because of classes or work.

The idea of us just wearing latex more often so when the impulse comes to us, then we'll just get it on and there'll be no break inbetween.. Although, I don't really like the idea of wearing latex too frequently. Just because a big part of what makes wearing rubber exciting to me is the fact that it's not an every-day event.

I think that the ideal situation is that her and I would just look at each other and mutually know that we wanted to wear rubber, dress up, and that'd be it. Unfortunately life doesn't work this way and our desires to wear latex doesn't exist on a schedule.

So I've been thinking about possible organizational solutions to this problem:
As of now I'm considering getting some shelving system near my bed, so the items would be easily found and a little simpler to put on... and that's it.

Maybe if I were living in a house I would be able to dedicate a room to play, so it would be easy to transition to fun if/when wanted, but I'm currently I'm in a tiny apartment.. and since I occasionally have guests over, I can't exactly convert my entire living space into a play room.

So, that's it for now.
if anyone has any suggestions, I'd like to hear them =P


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