Saturday, March 04, 2006

Over 3,000!

Wow, I’m surprised how fast my site-meter has been going up.
Maybe something is wrong with it ;P

It’s been a real trip getting into the online scene over the past month or so; talking to other icons in the masking community, being able to express my thoughts, and showing myself publicly (on the site) in fem-form.

It’s kind of interesting in how my ideas about latex and the way I think about fetish has changed over this time.
Previously I have always left it in the back of my mind, something secret and exciting, but now it’s taken up more of my conscious thought and I’m freed to actually put down my thoughts about it, which has been refreshing. If I ever had some exciting latex related experience or fetish epiphany then spent time with friends, I’d always feel the urge to say something, but never would for obvious reasons. I would have to wait until I saw my gf and then I’d kind of rattle it off and she’d react ranging from mild to partially excited.

Now in such a situation, with this blog, I feel more justified in being able to really explore my feelings about the fetish. Honestly, I find it pretty interesting. It’s just unfortunate that I haven’t been able to really capture anything the way I have wanted to as of yet, but maybe with more free time that will change.

I’ve also started to shift away from my previous way of thinking; which was the idea that if I were to concern myself too much with latex and fetish, it would become less interesting. Well, on some level this appears to be true, but for the most part it hasn’t. It’s actually opened a few doors and helped me feel more secure about this ‘interest’ of mine. I mean, I can’t and don’t want to rationalize it to death, that’s why I post pics every now and then, but I think it’s good to give some thought and reflection to the experience.

Also in creating this site; I gave it some serious thought about what I wanted it to be. I knew it wouldn’t be just a picture gallery, because I don’t have the time, money, or means to make such a thing, and I didn’t want it just to be some bland blogger. So I hope this is a happy medium.
As far as content; I’ve always enjoyed it when people stray a little away from the raw-sexual nature of fetish and analyze it a bit. So I figured, ‘hey, why not make a site that’s interesting to look at and at the same time deals with the less sexual and more intellectual side of the fetish.’

I’ve enjoyed being able to write all this down and knowing that there are some people reading. It’s also been fun talking to the few people who have contacted me in regards to my site. Actually, I’m surprised that I have gotten so few e-mails, but it’s not a bad thing because it’s definitely been quality over quantity. Although, I don’t want to dissuade anyone from contacting me. Feel free to!

In first going public through this site I was a little afraid that I’d get overwhelmed with e-mails from horny guys talking about being my slave or things they’d like to do to me. I mean, there have been a few, but far less than I was expecting, which is nice... cause I’m interested in civilized conversation, not... I dunno, junk?

Anyway, that is all for now. I’ve got tons of work to do between last week and the 24th, with a little break in between, but I’ll try to put a couple pics up in a post soon.

And how can I forget.
Thanks to everyone who has visited my site. I feel flattered that so many people have been making their way to and through my site over the past month or so.
I'll try to keep it interesting =P


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