Saturday, March 25, 2006


Around the time I first installed my site-meter I noticed that i always got the highest number of visitors on Wednesday. This struck me as a little odd, but I didn't pay too much attention to it.

Just now I reviewed my page-loads for the past month and realized that this trend has ended. Now, for the most part, the popular days are Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
This makes a little more sense, since most people have their weekends off, so they have more free time, so it's more likely they'll come check me out. However, Monday is still a bit of a mystery.
Maybe there's an overflow from sunday night that seeps into monday morning, who knows. Just since my area of study is centered around asking why, I figured I'd ask it..

looking through my site-meter I also noticed that I'm not getting as many page-loads as I did in late February, but I now have more recurrent visitors and more people who are staying longer than before. So I guess it's quality over quantity.

Also, I get 150+ visitors most days, so I don't want to complain or anything. It's a lot more than I thought I'd get in the first place. Originally I was hoping for just a few visitors a day, but now it seems like I've gotten a lot more popular.
so hooray for me! (patting myself on the back)

With all this traffic it's got me thinking about the people who come to visit my site. I know most of you remain quiet by the large disparity in e-mails I get and page-loads my site receives. I've got to assume with all the people checking my page there've got to at least be a few of you who are old enough to be my parents, which is fine, but I wonder if it really makes a difference to any of the viewers who have children that I'm as young as I am.
It's hard for me to consider what it'd be like if I had kids and I found out they had a fetish of any sort.. honestly, I don't think it would really bother me, aside from having to make a shift in seeing them in a sexual context.. the same way parents react when they catch their kids with condoms or something.

On the other end of the age-spectrum; I'm curious if there are any especially young viewers. I started scoping out masking/latex sites when I was in middle-school, so I don't think it's too far fetched. I also don't see a problem with it. I remember nearly every time I visited a latex/masking related chat-room I'd always get shut-down by the other people when I told them my age. They'd always be disgusted to hear how young I was, so I eventually learned not to be so forthcoming about my age.

The age disgust is something I don't really get, from young to old we're all sexual creatures.. and the reality of the latex and masking fetish is that it's not pornography. You're looking at clothed bodies that are rarely caught in intercourse, I guess it kind of depends on what site you're looking at, but all the places I check are not pornographic ones. So I'd like to encourage people of all ages to read and speak up if you feel the urge..


I feel kind of bad for the lack of content over the past couple weeks, but I've just been so Forking busy.. hopefully in the next week or so it'll let up a bit.

Oh yeah, my urge to mask/wear rubber has been building back up to it's normal healthy state. So that's been good. I was beginning to worry about it's absence.


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