Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, another uninteresting entry coming your way via the internet!

So yeah, I've been thinking more about latex and masking lately. However, I know that I won't have the free time to dress up until at least a couple weeks from now.. but I'm really looking forward to it!
I'm still unsure as to what I'm going to wear. I've got some other gear, but most of it is male-attire. So maybe i'll switch things up a little and dress as a boy, which I think'll be fun.

Actually, in the last week I was thinking about how I live a kind of split life. Although, it's not exactly split down the middle, its more like 94:5:1. I'd say that 94% of the time I'm just your average game-playing, hard-working, instant noodle-eating, relatively inactive student. Then 5% of the time I'm a tough-seeming, body-breaking, physically-active, crazy dancer. Then 1% of the time I'm a rubber clad boy or girl, depending on mood.

While on stage last week waiting for the lights to hit and music to start I began to think about what it would be like if my alternate self's merged. I mean, there certainly is some cross-over, but I really don't spend that much time lounging around in rubber. It really stuns me to think about those who have incorporated their fetish interests into their everyday lives.
I really admire the strength that those people show, because I know it's something that I probably won't be doing any time soon. It's not because I'm afraid of people's reactions necessarily, I just feel like in a lot of ways it's unnecessary.
An example would be; I know that a lot of my friends are sexually active, but it's not exactly like I need to hear about or even see them in their most sexual moments. So I feel like it's equally unnecessary for me to share my personal interests with them.

Although, it would be nice to be able to be totally up front with everyone I know about my interests and maybe get some valuable insights from them. There certainly have been times when I've wanted to blab about my tendencies, but just haven't because I don't want to make things awkward or uncomfortable for anyone. This is especially the case because I know that most of my friends are breathing examples of vanilla lifestyles and I think that most of them already have the sense that there's something a little different about my sexuality as is... so to maintain the status quo I've been keeping my mouth shut.

but I guess I have told my gf, but that's an uninteresting story which is still unfolding.

So I'm Just curious if anyone has any interesting social experiences they'd like to share?
Telling a friend, spouse? going to a convention? anything?


Blogger Arran said...

I believe I have only told one of my friends about my fantasies and fetishes, but he is into that type of thing as well so it came quite naturally talking to him about it. Most of my other friends I know I would never tell because I know they just wouldn't understand.

So far I have only attended one convention; Otakon, but that was as myself only since I really have only just started to truly go forth with my fetishes. I do want to attend conventions when I am able though as an alternate self because I know I will be among others who think and feel similar to me.

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