Saturday, December 30, 2006

surviving the holidays... barely.

Well, I'm still alive. However, I think that I'm getting sick..

This happens every year. My brother comes home, I feel obligated to spend a lot of time with him, which means sitting around and doing nothing each and every day. Then over christmas I eat a lot of candy and a lot of food in general, start feeling ill, then become sick..

So! I anticipate that I'll be getting sick within the next few days, but we'll see.


P.S. thanks for the comment Chouegh, also thank you for the link reference. It's quite interesting, I urge others to check it out!!! (check the comment to see what I'm talking about)

Monday, December 25, 2006

So I'm bumming around on the internet and see that the latex link page updated.
I used to frequent that site, but not so much anymore. Anyway, I was dusting off my old links and what did I find?
A link to my site!

I feel like I've just been immortalized. haha.
Anyway, even though I'm totally not part of any sub-culture, at least I can be part of a sub-internet-culture! yay!

Okay, merry christmas and such.
I've got to get to bed before santa gets stuck in the chimney and hears that I'm awake.. cause I don't want for it to get awkward.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


So the other night I was thinking about dressing up, but without any new gear to inspire me, I didn't try very hard.

I went through a number of potential outfits and ended up trying on a pair of girl's jeans I almost never wear when x-dressing. Mainly because 1) they're too loose for my purposes and 2) they're not stretch! so it's difficult to play up any sort of figure in them.

I started thinking that it was a shame that these pants are never really used. I also was reminded that I have been actually wearing somewhat well-fitting men's jeans (something I didn't used to do). I though to myself, well wouldn't it be funny if I just wore these girl's jeans out like normal pants. I wonder if anyone would notice a difference.
It was a thought, but I didn't think I would actually try out my hypothesis.

When I awoke today I just put on the jeans because they were close to my bed. When I did with underwear and all, I noticed they felt a bit tighter than they had felt the previous night. I walked around my house for an hour or so in them and got used to the feeling, however felt as though they were still a little effeminate. (partially because they're low-rise and partially because they seem to be fairly obviously girls-jeans).

Having lived in New York for a number of years, I have seen a few guys wearing girls jeans and it was socially accepted. So I figured I would try out my little social experiment.

Today I went walking around my town with a friend, ate out, and then went and met up with some other friends... a normal day.
It didn't seem as though anyone noticed that I was wearing girl's jeans, even though they did feel quite tight around the lower thighs/knees, and they were cut in such a way that made the middle-seam up the butt go up my ass-crack. Also, every time I sat they suddenly became skin-tight. BUT, nobody seemed to notice... they were also cut in such a way as to not accommodate a crotch, so there were definitely times when my package felt like it was buldging out.

(See, they don't look that feminine)

Anyway, It's actually funny because I own a few pairs of fairly expensive jeans (I'll just say that they're more than 100 dollars a pair). And what I have noticed is that with a lot of the more upper-end men's jeans now, it seems as though they have taken on typically feminine traits; faded legs/pockets, thinner/higher quality/more comfortable fabric, also other trends like being low/boot/bell-bottom-cut.

In order to get these kinds of jeans in the past with these new feminine features, I had to pay out the ass. However, with this cheap pair of girls jeans (20 dollars) I got all of those features, but for comparatively nothing in terms of cost! I guess the main drawback is that most girls jeans have NO pocket space, assuming that the wearer will be carrying a purse... and boundary I don't intend on crossing anytime soon!

So, I think I may do my jean-shopping in the women's section in the future.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

almost a week!

Well, it feels like it's been a while since I've posted here!
I suppose it has.. I've had a lot more activity happening on my 360 account as of late.. Also, I've been pretty lazy about updating I suppose.. AND! pictures I've taken I haven't been too pleased with.

Anyway, if for some reason this results in an upsurge of people asking to be friends on 360, then PLEASE start off with a message or at least some sort of invite that has something original written on it. I decline most invites that are just out of nowhere with nothing but the standard "hey let's stay in contact... blah blah blah."

Okay, I'm super tired and I've got lots of shopping to do tomorrow. (x-mas shopping, not fun shopping :P)

*Thank you for the comment Sheyd, it is much appreciated.
Also, yes. This time of year always gets a bit exhasting. However, it's been even more-so for me (for other reasons), but I'll explain more about that later on.

I hope everyone has a merry x-mas!

aw, thanks sab! =P

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The other day I was thinking about more effective ways of inflating my hips/legs and didn't end up coming up with any good ideas.
In these pictures I am wearing some padding under the suit with! water. I didn't have any way of reigning in the water except for a few rubber-bands sercured above my knees. So after the first minute or so, the water all escaped to my feet/calves.
I could notice a slight difference, but it wasn't enormous. I'm starting to think that the best way to go would just be some advanced form of padding (Ideally something like silicone).

The texture has always kinda been that way, maybe it was just made worse by the water. I'm not sure, but it looks all scaley, gyeh

Saturday, December 09, 2006


The other night I was trying to figure out whether I was going to dress or not. I originally decided not to on account of the fact that I didn't have anything new to wear.

However, after some time I remembered that there was a pair of pants that I've had for a while, but could never really fit into. I figured I'd try them on and see.
I was actually able to get into them, however they were fairly tight. At that point I wanted to put something on beneath them (ie, doll suit) however I figured that would make it even more tight. So I decided that I would try to alter the pants slightly to give them a little more hip room. It ended up working out well enough that I could fit my doll-skin under the pants, but I didn't add any padding because I figured it wouldn't fit.

I also didn't put on the corset, just because I didn't feel like wearing all that much. However, once I had everything on, I liked how it looked. It all felt more natural, even though it's a little less feminine

Friday, December 08, 2006


I took some pictures tonight... and Oh don't you just love the teasers!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I almost forgot... I think.

Yeah, so my grey catsuit ripped in 2 places!

I don't know if I posted that or not, but I'm looking through some older pictures that I took and I don't think I posted any..

Anyway, my fav catsuit ripped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so annoyed.

here is a damage shot (I didn't take pictures of the second rip, I was too devastated.)

Monday, December 04, 2006


Torimasked spurred a train of thought in terms of asking 'why' people are interested in latex, x-dressing, etc.

Well, I don't know if asking 'why' necessarily implies a conscious and free decision.
Myself for example; the reasons why I love latex are because I love how it looks, I love how it feels, I also love the fact that it has the power to turn most hetero-sexual men into glistening women. I mean, it's pretty powerful stuff when you get down to the effect that it takes on most fetishists.

As far as origin in concerned... I highly doubt there is a rubber gene out there floating around that we are all demonstrating dominant traits of. I think that most fetishes have spawned out of the increasingly complex and open technological climate we find ourselves in. I think that when kids start having sexual urges, they begin to fixate on things as being their objects of sexual desire, pleasure, etc. In a Konrad Lorenz-esque sort of way.
So, for whatever reason, we have all (probably) from early age fixated on something that struck us as being inherently sexual. From then, we have only built up our fetishes all based on some arbitrary flip of a coin.

However, as far as an origin story, I vividly remember mine.
I remember being especially drawn to women on television dressed in shiny clothes. At the time I liked latex, vinyl, patton/non leather, and lycra indiscriminately. I also liked the idea of modifying my member (that one I really have no idea about... I could speculate, but I won't right now). So one day, I was watching some movie on television alone in my house and there was some female character in it wearing these tight shiny pants. I can't recall the film, but I do recall the image of those glisteningly encased thighs moving back and forth.
I eventually went searching around my house with my silly-putty in hand (my favorite toy at the time) and looked for something shiny. The closest thing I was able to obtain was one of my father's condoms.
I returned to the television with condom and silly putty in hand. I didn't really know what to do, so I wrapped my member in silly putty. I remember at the time having a fantasy of entirely encasing myself in the stuff and forming something entirely different out of my form (ie. animal, female, another male, etc.). Once it was wrapped, I just figured I'd take the condom out of it's wrapper and place it on my newly enlarged member (because previously it would have been fairly loose). Now with the tight latex encasing my already modified member I became increasingly aroused, however I hadn't had an orgasm before, therefore I had never masturbated.

I sat around with it for a few moments then decided to walk around. It was interesting to feel my erect member bobbing back and forth with the additional weight added by the silly putty. I then took my penis between my thumb and index/middle fingers and stroked it from the base to the head. As I did I remember a strange feeling came over me and I felt weak and dropped to my knees. It was my first orgasm.
From then on, I've been hugely interested in specifically latex and prosthetics.

I don't think it's a coincidence that my first orgasm has coincided with my later interests. In fact, I believe if right around that time I had a girlfriend and we engaged in some sexual activity resulting in an orgasm, then I would probably not have this fetish.. and even if I did, I doubt it would be as strong as it is.
So, it's not as though anyone held a gun to my head and told me to do what I did, and I did choose to do it based on my own free-will. However, I was completely unaware, so it really wasn't a conscious choice.

However, taking a behaviorist perspective, I believe that if put in the right conditions; most stimuli could be made to be sexual. It would just be a matter of timing, exposure, and context. Therefore, I believe that the reason why I love latex is because I was exposed to shiny things at an early age during my sexual development which started me down a slippery slope into full-on fetishism...

I also suspect there are some Jungian archetypes at work here, however I don't feel like getting into all that tonight.

SO! anyone want to share why they love latex? or at least in what ways they do?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

skulking around the internet

Well, well, I am sore as hell. I think my torso is going to fall off, if that were possible.

So in my downtime, I stumbled across this site, pretty interesting stuff! however, it's not quite masking related, but it certainly caters to fetish/latex for sure.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Well, it's been some time since I've posted, however I've been busy.. BUT! the busyness will end this weekend.

Anyway, tonight I need to get to bed at a decent hour cause I've gotta get up early to go to NY, then after I do my business there I have a dance function that I'm going to further up north of which I am having all expenses paid.
Oh yeah.

I'll try to have some interesting post material in the next few days when I get back.

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