Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well, the top layer of the rubber ripped off around the zipper, but the zipper itself is in tact. However, I feel like the zipper I installed is more a pain than anything else. I'm considering trying to salvage the mask by installing grommets (?), basically adding laces in the back.
I'd spring on getting a new mask all together, but I've really got to start paying close attention to my cash flow.

I may consider putting in velcro, the only problem is that I'm afraid I won't get a good fit.. Also, the same thing might just happen again where a layer of the rubber rips off.

Oy, anyway today is my day of dealing with stupid stuff and errands. So nothing interesting to report.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Gluh, so the last time I was taking pictures the self-installed zipper in my liv-mask ripped.. blek.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thrilling conclusion

Woah, it's sunday already! Ok, well here is the rest from that photo-set I posted earlier.

It was fairly frightening going out and walking around my front-yard at night, but it was kind of exciting too. Only a few cars drove by the entire time I was out.
Also, in the picture where I'm in my car, I'm not driving it! lol, it's just parked and I'm goofing around.

until the next episode.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

tear the web

Yagh, I've gotta keep off the internet. I ordered some vanilla shoes on a regular site and a latex top/coat on e-bay. I was just thinking, "Oh, this latex top would go perfectly with my latex pants... and it's only 50 euros! I should just drop a bid, I won't win it anyway."
Then when I checked my e-mail the next day I had a, "congratulations" e-mail waiting in my in-box from e-bay. Bluh, I'm not doing a very good job at spending my money wisely at the moment.. I'm gonna have to work on that.. Cause If I'm spending any fetish money on anything, it should be silicone breasts!!!
SO, does anyone know any sites that sell silicone breasts for cheap?

In other news, I was mentioned in the Doll_Suit_Wearers group on the message board. Ah, I almost feel famous... not quite, but I am happy that the word is spreading. Soon I'll be sinking my claws into this evolving fetish community.

Ok, that's about it for now. My future plans are still Waaaaay up in the air and I'm trying not to let it get to me. It just kinda sucks being unemployed at the moment!
however, I am partial to waking up after noon each day.

anyway, there are more pictures from my previous photo-set that I'll post at a later date.. Aaaand here is another teaser. XP

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

as promised

Ah, well I've been a little slow with getting some of the pictures up that I said I would. SO! here they are!

One night I was just bored and wondering if one more garment of Catch 22's would fit.. And it did (the top)
Also, in most of these pictures, you can notice what looks like a seam on my rear... but it's not the padding...

I actually also fit into a pair of latex panties that I bought for her a while back.

Okay, well that is all for now!
I'll have more pictures and/or insights up soon enough, things have just been a little busy for me this week!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

generalizations with gender

I feel like within the US the male body has been regarded as something that is utilitary and inherently not beautiful, while the female body is quite the opposite.

However, I think that this sex-stereotype is not necessarily the case. I mean, if one looks around from man to man and woman to woman, yes about 99% of males are not beautiful in their own rite where I'd say maybe 20 % of women are beautiful in some way.
This disparity in beauty could just be biological, however I'm starting to believe more and more that it's not. I think what distinguishes someone as being physically beautiful has a lot to do with how the person views themselves and consequently the lengths they go to play up their positive features. This self-view also trickles down to how they hold themselves, how they move, how they act, and all their mannerisms. I'm starting to believe that beauty is less about physicality and more about the sum of all the consequences of having self-esteem and knowing that you are a beautiful being.

When I started taking shots of myself earlier this year, it was difficult to come out with any pictures that actually looked good. This was especially so when I was x-dressing for the camera. I noticed in many of the pictures that I had difficulty not only looking feminine, but looking at all appealing in any sense.
Since this time I have taken measures towards realizing the nature of beauty. Then from these insights I've incidentally become more vane; from dieting, to the way I move, to personal hygiene. As of late I have been more pleased with the way I look as a male and as a female, but I believe that my body has not changed drastically. It's more that I feel like I have become more aware of myself and the beauty of which any of us can achieve, however in this country it seems that only females pursue it.

I think I really started noticing this when I was in Japan, because the majority of males there are Really good looking and they know it. Many of the guys have fancy hair-cuts, wear really tight clothes, and even wear make-up. I know that it's a social-norm that is the be-all and end-all of these kinds of phenomena, but I just thought it was interesting to see a country where males were also regarded as being beautiful, instead of macho or tough and rugged.
I also feel like the US is undergoing a similar shift, but it won't be a while until it's fully appreciated.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Wow, 4 comments within one day of post (1 junk/ad comment). I'm impressed! and appreciative.

Well, to answer a few of the questions. It is a letha-weapons doll that I'm wearing, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's a doll-suit.
It's just a doll that's cut in half and being held together by a small corset.

Aaaanyway, I'm gonna try to dress again this or next week and it's really a shame that I haven't hooked up my web-cam! haha, maybe I'll do that one of these days if I can find it.
So, hopefully more pictures relatively soon, cause I'm waiting for some other vanilla-style clothes to arrive before I dress again. I'm actually kind of expecting them to show up tomorrow, but that may be a little short-sighted.

So, while I've been browsing around online it seems like the masking/latex community has been real quiet lately! I guess that's what summer does to us, but c'mon! I'm getting bored over here! hehe.. I used to actually get really annoyed with dry-spells in fetish material online. So now I'm trying really hard to be somewhat consistant with pictures and interesting/relevant stuff.
So! the comments are a nice reminder that there are other people out there reading/watching.

Also, because of the high volume of comments I recently recieved I'll leave everybody with a teaser of the next set of pictures.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well, the other day I got dressed up spur of the moment and it took me forever to actually figure out what I was going to wear, because there were some issues with the suit I originally had in mind.

Anyway, I just ended up throwing on some vanilla clothes and half way through taking pictures decided I'd change pants! so I took pictures of all that too!

Normally I wouldn't just rattle off a photo-set, but I've been really busy lately and don't have much to write about it... Because nothing interesting or unexpected happened while taking the pictures.

The Jeans are still a little snug

but fit well enough

pedicure =P

Ok, new pair of pants.

The end!

So yeah, I normally don't just post pics.. But I'm feeling lazy!

gah, somehow I managed to have my eyes closed in nearly every picture.

oh yeah.... Comments please!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All pictured out


well, I have quite a few new pictures, I just haven't gotten around to posting any of them. SO! I'm gonna get on that...

first thing tomorrow.. or maybe second or third thing. =P

Saturday, August 12, 2006

business proposal

Hi everyone.
Well, I've been realizing more and more with the onset of reality to this college grad that I'm low on cash!

What I originally was designating as 'fun money' is becoming money to pay for classes (yeah, I graduated, but am still taking classes.. cause I like learning!), nice business-style clothes, gas, bills, insurance, food, rent, etc. Which means I won't be getting all the clothes I was hoping to!
In the past I tried putting in the donation button as well as the ads, but neither seems to have been paying off at all in the way that I was hoping they would.

Anyway, if anyone has been holding back and wants to make some donation to me or they just want to see me in something specific, then either hit the donation button or feel free to send me clothes! You can just e-mail me for my size and shipping address, and I'll be pleased to take whatever anyone wants to see me in; diapers? dresses? bonnets? internal dildo pants? chaps? animal costumes? anything! I'm interested in it all!
If you send me something then I'll make photo-sets with the desired outfit on as well as themed photo-shoots (depending on the interest of the person who sent it.) however, I've been throwing the word "anything" around a lot and I am human, so I do have my limitations, but just e-mail me if you're interested.

The sad thing about all this is that I'm totally serious, cause I really do want to dress up with some more variety, but just don't have the bankroll to get everything I want, not to mention everything you'd want to see me in!

Anyway, while I'm already whoring myself out for clothes, I'll take specific gallery/video shoots upon request, for money. So, if you're interested in that too, gimme an e-mail and we can try to figure something out.

One last thing, I'm not interested in any type of actual meet-ups, which of course includes sexual favors. I'm not a prostitute!
I just wanted to make that clear.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Night

Well, last night I was left with a bit of free time again...

Aaaaand I tried on more of catch 22's stuff. Aaaaand more of it fit. Aaaaand there's more pictures. Aaaaand it was a lot of fun, but kind of scary (but I'll talk more about that later).

Although, it's too late to post anything cause I'm going to bed soon.

Anyway, If anyone knows any good/cheap places to get silicone breast-forms from, PLEASE send me the link.
I'm also looking into getting boots and maybe a new mask. I've also abandoned my idea before about getting a big extravagent outfit. I think now that I fit into Catch 22's stuff, I may just get some individual garments along with some other items (masks, boots, breast-forms) to further this new look I've stumbled across.


to closet

in these shots I am not wearing any inflatable garments. I'm just using some foam inserts as breasts and in a few of the shots I'm wearing foam butt-padding.

Also, the first day I wore the suit I did find it exciting that it was a genuine female catsuit, cause it had been worn/used by a girl. However, the second day wearing it, it feels like it's my own. SO! no creepy alter-ego going on here. =P

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pleasant surprise

Hi again everyone, I hope you enjoyed the pictures I posted before.. and luck you! I have some more!

The other day I woke up, ate some breakfast, talked to my mom (yes, I'm currently living at home…), read/wrote some e-mails, listened to my phone messages, smoked a cigarette, then went back inside.

As I was sitting at the computer I realized that it would probably be wise the spend the day doing some studying, job-searching, apartment hunting, sub-letter yelling at, and a whole lot of other not so exciting stuff. While getting ready to get to work my mother abruptly left and said she wouldn’t be back until tomorrow (she’s rarely around anyway, but this was early for her to leave). As I sat down with my books I started thinking about latex. I tried to silence my mind and focus it on something more productive, but the idea of wearing rubber kept creeping into my mind.

I started fantasizing about wearing one of catch 22’s old catsuits, but knew it wouldn’t fit, however the idea wouldn’t leave me alone! So I thought, “Fine, I’ll try it on, it won’t fit, and I’ll just feel fat which will probably motivate me to diet even more, which I guess is a good thing.”

I had actually tried on her catsuit a few times in the past, but it has never even come close to fitting. However the idea of it has always been really exciting to me for some reason.

I made my way to the closet, took out the catsuit, talc-ed myself down and began easing myself into it. It felt fairly snug and I was just thinking, “wow this is such a waste of time.”

I got my legs in easily enough. I again applied talc to my arms and then tried to ease them into the sleeves. To my surprise they actually made their way in fairly easily. I had never actually been able to fit my arms into the sleeves before, but figured that my shoulders/chest would be too broad to actually close the catsuit.

Again to my surprise I actually got the zipper up fairly easily. As I sealed myself in I was ecstatic at the fact that I could actually fit into the catsuit. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but never thought would be possible.

It was at that point that I really realized that I have lost a considerable amount of weight. It seems as though all my friends were actually being truthful and not just nice when saying I looked a lot thinner.

I also tried to put my corset on over it, but it was too loose, even when I had the laces totally up it would just start to slide off.

Once in the catsuit I started jumping around with joy and noticing how fantastic it felt. This catsuit, like my old one, was made by polymorph and again I was very pleased with the quality of their latex as well as craftsmanship. I looked in the mirror and though, “wow, this is an entirely different look for me… one I should probably try to pursue further.” Also, as a huge bonus to me, I just added a catsuit to my collection that I didn’t have to pay anything for! =D

I thought, maybe I can even fit into her gloves…

and I did.

I then thought, maybe I can fit into her miniskirt.

And I did.

So I figured I’d get all dolled up and try to snap off some pictures.

anyway, I had TONS of fun taking these pictures and it all felt so good. Catch 22’s catsuit fit extremely well, I’ve never actually worn anything that’s felt so comfortable before. I also liked the way that everything looked (without all the bulk).

So now with this new look I feel like I should get some silicone breasts (cause I was using these ghetto foam inserts)… GYAAAAh, but those are so expensive. Let me now just take some time to remind you all of the advertisements as well as donation button on this site. =P

Anyway, as the ‘photo-shoot’ was coming to an end I ended up getting really excited and climaxing.. I also happened to turn on the video-capture function on my camera as I did. So that was kind of interesting.. It looked a little funny at first, but with the help of Arran, it got straightened out.

Ok, it’s time for me to get outta here and do some much less fun stuff…

I’m not sure whether I’m gonna let the video hit the web or not, but all of you could probably change that..
cause I have been thinking about silicone breasts =P



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