Monday, July 17, 2006

some pictures now,

the writing later..

The weekend

Well, it seems like I haven't posted in a little while, but it's been because I've been a little... preoccupied.

It's been good, but a little strange. Not entirely unexpected, but.. well, I'll explain later.

In other news: I've put off my purchasing until after my brief traveling.. plus, I'm super excited about going to Japan on Thursday!!!! =D

Thursday, July 13, 2006


drat, I accidentally closed the window while writing an entry and lost it!

but, it happens I guess.

Anyway, I've been fooling around with my camera and the self-timer and haven't been that pleased with the results, but I guess it'll have to due for now.
After taking a few non-rubber pictures just to test it out and see how it'd look, I figured I'd post one in conjunction with an older pic with juxtaposed genders.

So while taking these male pics and having seen a number of latex-clothing sites with not-so attractive male models, I've had the sudden urge to be a fetish-model!! although, nothing serious, just for catalogues or anything small..

I will work for transportation compensation and rubber! hehe

Monday, July 10, 2006

online communities

So in the past few months I've been browsing online communities quite a bit; rubber pal, latex pal, rubber personals, IAR (a little). So within the past few days, aside from a short trip, I've had copious amounts of free time. Because of this I've been browsing quite a bit and actually logging onto YIM. However, I've had much less contact than usual, so I remembered that I made an account over at that I never really used.

Well, I've been browsing it for a bit and Graaah! So many people have so much BS filling their profiles. It's incredible how false people make their lives out to be in their online identities. I mean, I know people within fetish-related online communities do the same thing, but not nearly to such an extreme.

I suppose people tend to come off as being more genuine within fetish related communities because well.. they're already being open about a very (usually) private side of themselves, so there's no reason to try to ficticiously build up their egos.
but now, having looked through quite a few profiles on myspace I'm literally feeling nauseous at how delusional 99% of the people on there are. It's really frustrating feeling like I'm a part of a generation of totally superficial, misguided, and absolutely boring, personality-lacking individuals.

It actually reminded me of why I enjoy my x-dressing and latex fetish so much, because it's something that makes me different, unique, and not some shallow reflection of my surroundings. Which is really the beautiful thing about latex itself, it's so impractical that it's never going to ever really hit mainstream fashion... and knowing that in a decade people won't be walking down the street wearing latex makes me happy. =D

Sunday, July 09, 2006

When there's nothing to say...

I'm too tired to write anything worth-while. So I'm just posting a few abstracts of the first time I had pictures taken of me.. I like how they show off the nature of latex itself in conjunction with the human form... me. lol


Thursday, July 06, 2006

2 hours later

Today instead of cleaning my place any further, I decided to troubleshoot my freaking camera/remote so I can take pictures of myself. I purposely got this camera JUST because it has a remote control function, however it hasn't been working.

So it a last ditch effort of trying to get this figured out, I called the company and spent cumulativly 2 hours on the phone.. probably a total of 10 minutes actually talking to technical people.
Long story short; they're supposed to call and or e-mail me tomorrow with some sort of solution. I'm sure that solution will be nothing short of me having to send the camera back or just deal with a remoteless camera.

but we will see.

In other news - I can almost certainly promise some new pictures before I leave for Japan. However, those pictures will probably not be of me. You'll all have to wait to find out!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

new acquisition & reader participation

While cleaning over the past week I've come across some additional money (old uncashed checks, loose bills, change, etc.), it totals at about 900 dollars. My first instinct was, "Jackpot! time for some latex!" Then I realized I'm an adult now and have to start spending money responsibly...
but am now again wavering back to my first instinct and am trying to figure out what I want to get:
*smaller corset
*latex dress
*maybe another mask

About the boots, I think I'd prefer ones with chunky heels, just cause stilettos make me think of dominatrixes and sprained ankles.
So! if anyone has any links to any cute and relatively low-priced items or just websites that sell such things that are good quality, it would be greatly appreciated.

(I'm going to need lots of help finding boots!!)

P.S. - I'm still waiting on my catsuit! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm starting to get a little frustrated.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Hey, I apologize to my narrow fan-base for not posting anything substantial in the past week or so, but things have been fairly crazy on my end.
Moving out of NY and getting my apartment rented out was quite an ordeal. Then when I got to NJ my internet wasn't working and I've just been cleaning and organizing a good living space for myself... which has proven to be exceedingly difficult.

I'm actually converting a small bedroom into a huge walk-in closet, so I'm installing ceiling bars to hang clothes and moving in an existing shelving system. I'm also FINALLY going to make an organized system of storing my rubber and x-dressing stuff, with latched/locked drawers and all (so nobody stumbles across it, which was always my issue in the past).
Also, without the internet to entertain and act as a vehicle for expression for me, I've been spending my time talking to a friend of mine quite a lot. I've been explaining all the psychological, sexual, and historical points in latex fetish. It's been pretty interesting and what's been more fun is that she finds it fascinating and will continue asking me more and more about it until I've spent an entire night mulling over the fetish.
We've covered furries, bondage, zentai, cosplay, latex, a little dolling, and only spent about 30 minutes on masking, but we're getting there. I feel like the next step is to introduce her to this site just to give her more information, but I feel like we need to do some more discussing before that happens.
So things are going well, it's just been insanely busy on my end.

Anyway, I've got to go make a social appearance, but I'll have more later.

P.S. Thanks for the congrats. And yes, there is a 12 second timer on my camera, but I did get a remote for it just recently, but the damn thing doesn't work! apparently I need to update some software for it, which I'll try to do soon.

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